Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Like peanut buttah 'n jell-ay.

One night last week, after a particularly exhausting 12 hours at work, Joey waltzes out of the kitchen with a dishrag in hand and says, "I think you should blog about how I'm obsessed with our kitchen and bathroom and always keep them so clean."

**Kristi glances up from iPad, unamused.**

Joey, stammering: "And, well, you could say how you're obsessed with laundry and that we, like, go together really well because I keep the kitchen and bathroom really clean and you do the laundry."

**Kristi glances back to iPad, even more unamused.**

Because, my friends, this is an eversocharming example of how my husband loves to fish. Not for Salmon, though he does love that. For compliments.

Let the earth and its people know that I have probably only ever washed 3 dishes in my married life. I only know how to work the dishwasher because sometimes he goes out of town and I run out of paper plates. And I don't even know where he keeps the scrubamudubs with which to clean the shower and loo. And yes, I occasionally wash a load of underpants. You know, hit a few buttons and measure some soap.

Yes, friends. I have the greatest husband on earth. And I think he wants you to know it.


Van Baby Maker said...
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The Husband said...

I think I’ll give up my obsession with keeping a clean kitchen for lent… we’ll see how “amusing” that gets. ;-)

Lindsey Wolfe said...


Twin Engines said...

Your hubby's "love language" is words of affirmation. Keep affirming him and you'll not only have a clean kitchen, but a happy hubby.