Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hockey people confuse me.

Specifically, my husband.

Last night, for instance, we had the pleasure of attending a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. They were great seats given to us by a friend, so naturally Joey was beside himself. Like a kid in a candy store. Peeing his pants, almost.

And then the game started.

I was the only female within a 50 mile radius of our section, and also the only person not providing a personal blow-by-blow of the game. They all talk to themselves! And when they think they're being extra smart/witty/funny, they say things louder to ensure others around them can hear and be impressed by their profound sports knowledge. Joey may or may not have also performed a magnificent solo air guitar number between the 1st and 2nd periods. This is how evolution happened, I'm sure of it.

In the end, the Wings won, I had beer and nachos and made a new friend. Aka the douche next to me that was texting his girlfriend the entire night about how "epic" her boobs were. Yes, this happened.

Additionally, I'm horrible at cell phone self-portraits. And I like beer.


Katy said...

cute! I think its a great cell phone picture! I can't wait to live closer to you!

Rachel said...

Welcome to my life! Unfortunately, we live 10 minutes away from the hockey stadium :( Rule 1: Bring a friend. Rule 2: Pray that there is a fight to make it interesting. My husband now wants to bring the little guy to a game, but I think it will be an epic fail.

The Alexanders said...

Ha! This is crazy cute post! We go to lots of hockey games and those self-talking (yet loud enough for me to make out every. sinle. word) people are so annoying...and they seem to think that they know EVERYTHING!!!