Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hallmark holiday, schmallmark holiday.

As you know, our Valentine's Day was a bit of a cluster when all was said and done. We had very romantic plans to go to Costco on Monday night and relax with a pizza and a 6 pack of IPA after Alex went to bed (I know...the romance is still alive after alllll these years!), but that plan was thwarted by the arrival of my wittle mister Sam-e-oh.

And so, when I got home from my whirlwind adventures to CT, Joey presented me with my Valentine's Day gift. It was a small piece of paper that read the following:

Dear Honey Bunny,
First, forgive me for typing this note of love.  I would have liked to have written it by hand, but because I would also like you to be able to read it, typing became my only option.  So, on this Valentine’s Day circa Feb 14th 2011, I would like to share with you some silly and some heartfelt thoughts.
PS. if you read closely , you will discover a perfect valentines gift for my perfect wife.

©       Once I Kissed a Girl  named Kristi and I really really liked it
©       I Dreamed a Dream of falling Crazy in Love and now that I have a special Somebody to Love I want to Shout it Out Loud for everyone to hear
©       On our wedding day, I Could Have Danced All Night,  Lovin, Touchin Squeezin  you ever so close to me
©       Baby, I will always have an Endless Love for you and I’ll Stand By You always, because by your side is the only place I want to be
©       I love it how you Shake Your Booty every time you sing Gold Digger, especially on the French River
©       I remember the day you told me You’re Having My Baby, I felt like Walking on Sunshine
©       I often think about how much My Life Would Suck Without You and each day I Say a Little Prayer to thank God you are in my life Faithfully and forever

Kristi, I love you more than these typed words (clues) can ever express.
Yours forever and always,

P.S.S. One last clue, in case you haven’t figured it out yet… you are my small town girl and I am your city boy.
I was able to figure out that they were all Glee songs, but couldn't get the rest of the way on my own. After a little more hinting, Joey revealed that we are going to see Glee on tour this summer!

*I fall over dead.*

Happiness, sparkles & confetti do not even come close to how awesome this gift is. PINK PUFFY HEARTS. I have the best husband. And not just because he knows that buying me tickets to see Glee on tour is the most brilliant idea, ever, but because he's been the rock of this family for the last month or so. I've needed to lean on him more than ever (Grandpa, Sam-e-oh, work, etc.) and not once has he complained about having to pick up my slack. Thank you, babe. You are extra medium. :)


Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

That's too cute! After reading his first clue, I already knew that you were going to see the Glee tour (I will be looking forward to that post)!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and your husband. You have a wonderful family!

Jamie said...

Love! Good job, Joe. You two are so perfect together :)

Pamela M said...

Glee tour!! So jealoussss