Friday, February 4, 2011


Due to the chaos that has been my life lately, I haven't been able to have as much of my "me" time that I'm so lovingly used to. You know, those precious 10 minutes a day where you can be totally, indulgently selfish? Yeah, that.

So this morning on my drive into work, I took the time to give thanks. I turned the radio down and relished in the silence of the moment, thankful for everything I have, everything I am able to do. Thankful for a loving husband that picks up the slack when I suck at life. Thankful for an insanely adorable kid that squeals when I walk through the door at night and wants to play "twucks" with his Momma. Thankful for a family that gets really gets me. Thankful for hot tea in the morning with a dollup of honey to ease this achy throat. Thankful for a Niephew that will arrive any day now. Thankful for the internet, for obvious reasons. Thankful for this beautiful, crazy, chaotic life that is mine.

And then this afternoon, I came across this interesting artice on MSN: 5 Habits of Happy Families. I'm not a super nerdy reader and I certainly don't claim to have all the answers, but when I find nuggets that are worth sharing, I share. Take it for what it's worth.
Give Thanks -- No Matter What
Seek Out Satisfaction in Your Choices
Lose Yourself in the Moment
Spread Out The Joy
Focus On Your Circle

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