Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Today I am sad. I am angry. I am confused. I am heartbroken.

Last night, we learned that the baby brother of Alex's best friend at school died over the weekend. It was a SIDS-related tragedy that has left an entire family heartbroken.

Listen, I know there's a lot wrong with this world, and so much of the "big" stuff has our attention right now. And usually I'm here to write about the funny and the crazy and bring a little levity to the world. But this? This won't make the news. This won't be in the paper.

But it is here. Here for you to read about and here for you to pray over. Please pray for this mother, this father, this brother--that they may feel the peace and grace of Jesus in this time of unfathomable despair and anger.

Bless you, baby Jack. You were the sweetest little red headed bundle of joy and I will pray for your Mommy, Daddy, and brother every day. Amen.

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jlmargs said...

So sorry for your loss and that of your community. I've worked with many SIDS families and it is truly sad and paralyzing.