Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That one time I ran and wasn't being chased by a bear.

I have this friend. Her name is Keliann and she tricks me into agreeing to do things that I would otherwise probably not do. Like running. She has big boobs and I think she uses them to hypnotize me, but whatever.

Keliann convinced me that a 5K on my resume would be a good thing. "You'll be so proud of yourself!" she swore to me. And to make her argument more compelling, she insisted that it should be a Color Run. Because, you know, they're fun.

And so, during the wee hours of this most recent Saturday morning, I put on some ridiculously obnoxious spandex pants (violation of life #1) and a white tee shirt (#2) and ran (#3) ~3.1 miles to a loud and colorful finish line.

And you know what? It was sort of fun. And I almost liked it.

In no way does this classify me as a "runner" and you can also take it to the bank that I ate nothing but Dairy Queen the following day as a reward because all my parts and pieces hurt...but I DID it.


Keliann Johnson said...

First, I am SO proud of you for running!
Second, yes I am JUST reading this.
Third, I miss reading your is back on my To Do list ;)
Fourth, I LOVE that I have my own label :)
Fifth, when is our next date???

Keliann and Michael said...

Sixth, I think we should declare 2016 as our Comeback Year.....workout together like we used to, eat hummus on the floor like we used to (Ben actually eats hummus so maybe he will join us), Blog like we used to and run like we used to (or even better than we did back then). What do you say? Are you up to the journey with me ;)