Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hey girl, hey.

Ooohh weee! Things have been rather quiet around here lately, haven't they? Well, I promise it's not because I'm hiding any life revelations or grand secrets, but more because I've honestly just been bizzy as a bee and loving every minute. (And also, if we're being totally honest, I've done what most every other blogger on earth has done and transitioned a lot of my random thoughts/pictures/musings over to Instagram. Join me?)

What a summer we've had! I took a week-long trip to DC for work but also rather coincidentally got to spend time with my bestie for 7 straight days. We haven't done that since high school and it was kind of amazing.

I also had Lasek surgery back in May, and have threatened more than once to blog about it. I'm sure I'll never actually get around to it, so rest easy knowing that 1) I can see; b) I don't regret it; and 3) I still reach for my glasses every morning out of sheer habit.

Last weekend, we had a family reunion for my Dad's side of the crazies family--the Talicska clan.

We even made shirts for the occasion, which might seem confusing to normal people but they totally make sense to us. I'm uncertain as to whether or not that hotel will have us back, but it was a great weekend!

And, as you know, my brother and SIL had their sweet baby boy, Michael, in June and we're planning our next trip to Connecticut for when my sister has her baby boy in August. BABIES. BABIES EVERYWHERE.

My own children continue to be the cutest things with two legs and eyeballs on earth, and it's hard to believe that Alex starts school in the fall. (Hold me.) We're taking him on a very special trip to Chicago this weekend in preparation. Just him and us. Special requests from a 5 year old include: taking the train, hotel with a pool (on the roof!) and a trip to the beach. I also think I'm going to blow his mind with a taxi ride. Being a parent is the funnest.

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Rachel said...

It sounds like Alex would also love Navy Pier! The Pier Park has the ferris wheel and remote control boats. Not to mention, a children's museum, boat rides and fireworks after dark (on Saturday)! Enjoy your visit - what a cool thing to do! (And you're going to get great weather for it)