Friday, July 18, 2014

Harper and the Hippo.

We've hit the "out as long as she was in milestone." NINE MONTHS, y'all...and someone is super excited about it.

This girl. She's...ridiculous. She's very nosy and social and must be the center of all the things at all times. If you are paying even the slightest bit of attention to the smallest of things...albeit the tomato plant across the patio or the laundry that needs folding, she's all, "Exsqueeze me? Please pay more attention to me. I am the cutest ruler of this household." And so it goes.

Still no signs of teeth, but she'll nom anything she can get her cabbage patch paws on to death until it's a mushy mound of swallowable goo. Bananas are still a menu favorite, but she's also keen on avocado and watermelon. As noted above, her personality is enormous, and people stop us everywhere we go to comment on her: a) smile b) eyes 3) laugh and d) all of the above.

And yes...if you were wondering, she's totally rocking her Heelarious high heels from Aunt Caitlin. Diva, right here.

"These are very fancy."

"My contractual obligations are up!
I'm outta here. Have your people call my people."

P.S. - Here's Alex at 9 months, for comparison.

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