Friday, April 4, 2014

Pretty fly for a white girl.

There are certain compliments I think as humans we all want to hear. "You're so nice!" "...funny!" "!" "...beautiful!" are a few, but last night I got the single greatest compliment I've ever received in all my existence.

I'm 70% embarrassed to admit I tried Zumba last night. Despite what it may seem, I'm not a middle aged woman with self-esteem issues, so don't worry about me becoming some Zumba-crazed "it's all I live and breathe for" person of insanity. I did it because it was all of un dollar with a Living Social deal and I wanted to break up the monotony of my usual fitness classes and the dreadmill. (Have I mentioned lately that I've lost 10 lbs. so far? Well, I have. Get it.)

Arrive to class. Survey the room. It's the predicable mix of the audience mentioned above and anything and everything in between. I befriended a few septuagenarians behind me and waited for the instructor.

Girl came into the room and made an entrance, yo. She was young, sassy and a gorgeous mix of Latina and African American with a booty to boot. I pretty much coveted her weave (unponytailed) the entire 60 minutes it sloshed and swirled while she Zumba-ed away, not telling a single lie with her hips. 

It might seem like I have a girl crush on my Zumba instructor, and in all reality I probably do. She was SO AWESOME. She moved and grooved and basically put a show on for us. I kind of feel bad I didn't tip her.

Anyway. After class, we were in line to sign in and she complimented me on my moves. ME. THIS GIRL. She looked right into my eyes and said the words I want etched into my tombstone:

"Girl, you got some SWAG!"

OMG. I seriously died right then and there. I feel like this should be likened to Michael Jordan telling a young man that he's a basketball superstar, or Beyonce telling a girl she's got talent beyond her years.

I have arrived, world. I have swag.

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Jenn Smith said...

you GO girl! ;)
& congrats on the weight loss!! I'm gonna need some tips in about six-seven months after Ezra arrives to get my motivation mojo back for weight loss. *le sigh*