Thursday, January 24, 2013

Father/daughter bonding.

In a rather unconventional twist, Dad and I had a little date last weekend. We didn't go to a Daddy/daughter dance. We didn't go to shoot pool, or even shopping.

We shot guns.

First, let me say that this was MY idea. It was part of his Father's Day gift, it just took us forever to actually go do it. Partially because we are busy people, and partially because I was legitimately scared shitless. I hate guns. I'd never held one, shot one, or even HEARD one shot in real life from "up close." And for the record? It's nothing like the movies.

We got the world's fastest lesson and safety update from the folks at the range. It's the largest (and safest) in Michigan, so I figured we'd get more than "Here's how to load it. Don't aim it at people. Wear these goggles and ear protection. And have a nice day." But legitimately, that's what we got.

Terrified, we headed into lane 2 and got our inner badasses on. We were totally out of our element and surrounded by people who clearly knew we didn't belong. But this was a lesson on empowerment and bravery, and I wanted to conquer my fears. So, like any good actress slash drama queen, I pretended like I owned the place.

However, I'm not exaggerating when I say that it took me probably 45 seconds holding the 9mm handgun in the air, pointed at the fake robber target just 25 feet away, finger trembling on the trigger, to actually fire the thing.

But then I did.

And you know what? It wasn't scary. It was actually very....impressive. To know your own strength, and the power of something so small, but so capable of changing the world in an instant, is something very powerful.

I'm still not a fan of guns. But I am a fan of my own power and willingness to embrace a fear and learn something new.

Oh, and bonding with the ol' man was a definite perk.

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Carrie Davies said...

Overcoming a fear is ALWAYS a huge accomplishment!! Way to go! :)

PS...I love reading your writing. You crack me up every time.