Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy birthday to...Zoo!

Since I'm a big, big fan of hosting parties outside my home where others do all the prepping, decorating, cooking and aftermath clean up, we hosted Alex's 3rd birthday at the Detroit Zoo.

What a super fun day! When we walked into the room we were overwhelmed at how cool it was. I mean, seriously...what kid wouldn't want to party here?

Our party hostess, Miss Danielle, played super fun games with Alex and his friends.We danced and sang and hokey-pokeyed until we had no pokey left.

The cake was a personal favorite. Although provided by the Zoo, we brought along a special guest who just HAD to be on the cake. Alex was thrilled.

And cake? Better if eaten naked.

He had such a special day with all his friends and family. And after the "official" party was over we took some time to walk around the zoo and see the animals. The day was honestly perfect--one of those moments you want to bottle up and lock away in your heart for those rare days when your patience has reached a limit and you possibly can't count to three one more time. He was an angel.

If you'd like to peek at all the pictures from Sunday, click here!

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