Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vote for Momma T!

Last time Mom visited Kelli in the state that shall not be named, she gave her a makeover for an upcoming Mary Kay contest. Voting has officially started, so I'm counting on all my ABM3 readers to help my Mom win a trip to NYC. Because guess who she will take with her, duh??!?!?

And this isn't one of those horrible contests where you have to register, donate a pint of blood and provide your social security number to vote. Just go to the site, find my Mom, and enter your email address. It's super easy! You can enter up to 5 times a day, so please use all five votes! And if you happen to have more than one email address, I'm not about to stop you.

2. Type "Joette" in the search field
(I know, my Mom's name is so cool)

I'll remind you every day until voting stops, so GO DO IT.


Twin Engines said...

I voted!

Christy said...

Got my 5 in. Your mom is so cute!