Monday, November 28, 2011

And so it begins...

I'm still here...alive and well. Just been mucho bizzy with work, life and the like. So, sorry!

In related news, the birthday coupons have started rolling in - and I'm so all over them like hazelnut cream in my coffee. BRING IT, free stuff.

In keeping with the season of my birthday and all things happiness, our house is just oozing Christmas. I mean, really. I have an obscene amount of Christmas decorations--more than six of those giant 42 gallon storage tubs. My house has puked garland, sparkle and snowflakes. But it was all worth it when we let Alex hit the button to switch on the tree. I thought he might have a heart attack.

"Mom! It's CHRISTMAS!" <--then I died.

 Welcome to our home!
I've always wanted a cranberry wreath.
And notice the Santa key in the center so the Fat Guy can get in!

 It puts me in a trance. Love it.

At some point, I will probably have
to remove the batteries on that thing.
In the meantime, it's adorable.

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Katherine said...

haha... we have one of those halmark singing snowman things too. Jamin found it in our christmas tubs and tried to get it out. I said "no no, not this year" and it went back downstairs. The oscar meyer weiner ornament also found it's way back in the box... call me scrooge.