Monday, August 18, 2014

Harper and the Hippo.

Hello lovelies! Long time no see. So much has happened since we last chatted. We went on a special Alex-only trip to Chicago to celebrate Kindergarten and on Monday Alex and Harper got another new cousin! More on both of those later...

Let's chat about this little spark of sass, shall we?

She's 10 months old and all up in errybody's business. Still nary a tooth in sight (le sigh) but she's learned she can gum anything to death and pretty much eats what we eat now. And all the people said, "amen!" 

At her 9 month well visit we finally saw some growth outside that 30% mark, which I think is due in part to little Miss Piggy eating entire chicken breasts for dinner, but no matter. She's much more confident in pulling herself up on things and has really started to interact with her toys more. Her personality remains that of a 13 year old, and I've resigned myself to the fact that she's basically a carbon copy of me and I should accept the circle of life.

Truly, she's a joy. It's impossible to be around her and not smile or giggle right along. Additionally, she's hardcore winning at life in the hair department and her eyelashes are nothing short of unfair. I'm so proud to be her Momma.

"Oh, herro dere."

"Who, me?"

Such sweetness.

A true capture of the moment.
Girl's got places to go and toys to find!

P.S. - Here's Alex at 10 months. I CAN'T WITH THE TEETH.

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