Monday, March 10, 2014

I've never had a bracelet tell me I'm lazy before.

A few weeks ago I buckled in and bought the Fibit. Essentially, a wrist/wearable pedometer that goes the extra mile. Pun intended. Basically, I wear it and it tracks all the things: steps, distance, calories burned, "very active" minutes and sleep.

I wanted to wear it for a week without really changing my normal behavior to see what a true lazy ass I really am. Spoiler alert: turns out I don't move enough. You're supposed to get around 10K steps a day...I hit maybe half that. My "very active" minutes were pretty much a joke and we won't really discuss my sleeping habits around here. (That, I do plenty of.)

I'm a REAL glutton for punishment, so I also recently decided to add Weight Watchers to the list of things that make me want to fling myself off a bridge. See also: Barre classes, sit ups, running, and drinking more water/less pop.

So far (two weeks "all in"), I'm down about 5 lbs. and I haven't had any urges to a) eat my arm; 2) throw the scale out the window; or c) cry. This blog post basically serves as my therapy session to not participate in the above actions. And also to keep me from walking to the breakroom for a Snickers bar.

Keep typing...keep typing...keep typ


Liz said...

but if you WALKED to the break room you would up the step count!

MikeMetzlerII said...

did you research the different bracelets before buying the one you did? what made you choose that one? I've been considering purchasing one.

littlebrownie said...

I just got a fitbit too! When I can find it (because I've actually lost it twice already) or remember to wear it, i totally don't move enough!! Want to be fitbit friends? LOL!

Kristi said...

Yes! I do! Find me: