Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring's spring is stuck. Also, I love shoes.

Spring has not, in fact, sprung. The Slinky in the spring seems to be broken and I'm super pissed about it. It SNOWED today. So uncool, Mother Nature.

In the spirit of spring and all things cute and colorful and just plain starting a revolt, I bought a new pair of shoes. Not the ones pictured at left. Better.
I scored these beauts while shopping with The Momma over the weekend. Who knew Fergie made shoes? And that her brand is called "Fergalicious"? AND that all of her shoes have little crowns on them! It's as if the entire brand was made for yours truly.

Happiness. Eat that, snow.


Katy said...

LOVE THEM! They are so cute!

Jackie D. said...

ha, ha - - my friend Courtney & I bought these shoes at DSW. She bought the black & white pair. I had a $20.00 of $49.00 purchase, so we each got $10.00 off. Which reminds me...I have another one of those coupons that I won't (read: can't) use...if you want it - since you love cute shoes :)